Bethesda Says We Won’t Be Seeing Elder Scrolls 6 At E3

We’ve known that Bethesda wanted better tech for their Elder Scrolls 6 game, which is why E3 won’t be giving us any information.

Elder Scrolls 6

Is the next generation of consoles on their way so that certain game developers can finally start to unveil some details about their upcoming video game giants? One of them being Elder Scrolls 6 that Bethesda still isn’t talking about much. Anther one is Starfield, the first game that is going to be using some kind of new engine tech that Bethesda has been working on. Now, everyone knows that the game engines that were used in Fallout 3, Skyrim, and so on were quite buggy and hard to work with. Will the new ones be the same?

Maybe, but for now, we know that whenever Elder Scroll 6 pops up, it’s going to be using this new engine tech, but an improved version, not the one that is going to be featured in Starfield. As of now, Howard wants everyone to be patient, which he said during Bethesda Game Days. That means that we won’t be getting any new info on these games for a while.

Elder Scrolls 6

Do you have high hopes for Elder Scrolls 6? The previous game, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was quite a solid title, but the mod support for that game made it into something that has an insane amount of content and longevity. Bethesda made a mediocre RPG with a large world, but the community turned it into the most moddable and enjoyable experience that you can have if you like tunning your games to be just as you want them to. Let’s just hope that the next game in the series allows for such complex game alteration as well. It’s also a shame that Starfield won’t be getting any spotlight either, as everyone wants to have a peek at what it could look like. Will it be TES but in space?

Elder Scrolls 6

Stay tuned for more news!

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