Biomutant Releases An Intense Gameplay Trailer

Biomutant released an insane gameplay trailer which shows just how over-the-top the action in this kung-fu ARPG is going to be.

Biomutant gameplay trailer
Image credit: THQ Nordic

Biomutant’s combat looks as flashy as ever in its gameplay trailer

Firey sword, electric sword, some purple power, ice explosions, frontflips with a firing gun. If you’ve been following this page for a while, you know I’m insanely excited about this game. I was happy as a toddler that just got a new toy when Biomutant got a release date. Now there’s this insane gameplay trailer that’s full of crazy action. It’s also full of jumpcuts, so we don’t see much prolonged action, but it’s enough.

Enough to increase my already high amount of hype even more. Who in their right mind wouldn’t tremble with excitement when they see this ARPG with mutant animals that fight with swords, guns, and mechs?

The controversy behind the Mercenary class

But, we can’t have nice things all the time. If you saw the gameplay trailer yourself, the part at the end might confuse you. The Mercenary class seems to be locked behind a paywall. Only people that pre-order the game get this class. However, this is just a dumb mistake THQ Nordic’s PR team made.

Classes in this game are basically loadout kits you start with. Nothing less, nothing more. So, people that pre-order get to play with some exciting toys sooner than others. Even if you didn’t pre-order the game, everything the Mercenary class includes is unlockable in the game by playing. People already started Reddit threats to complain about this because the wording didn’t explain the whole ordeal correctly. Zyddie, the Global Community Manager for THQ Nordic, explained it all in a simple tweet.

Biomutant gameplay trailer
Image credit: THQ Nordic

You can pre-order Biomutant on HRK Game for a discounted price today!

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