Bioware Has Been Working Hard On Anthem Demo

It’s February, and that means it’s going to be a very busy two months for gamers as a lot of big name titles release either in February or March. And one of the biggest, and highly-anticipated, titles of the lot is Anthem from Bioware. This open-world RPG is one that Bioware has been working on for some time, and today is the start of their open demo to the world. But the team want you to know that the demo is the result of a lot of work.

On their blog, they outlined how the last week or so has been dedicated to getting the demo ready to release:

“We’re hard at work to be ready for our public demo weekend, starting tomorrow, 2/1,” they began. “This week has been focused on improving the player experience in the demo – that focus was based on our learnings and your feedback. For those of you that played last weekend, you should see significant improvement in multiple areas over last week.”


While they feel they are ready for the demo being out there in the world, they’ve also taken precautions to ensure that things go smoothly should the numbers grow even bigger:

 “Our ongoing scale testing this week has gone well. We’re confident we are ready for the load we will see. Like last weekend, we will be prepared with more server capacity than we anticipate will be needed. However, predicting player numbers – particularly for a new game like Anthem in its first open public weekend – is very difficult. If more players decide to try the game than we anticipate, we also have systems in place to control entry rates of incoming players. This is to ensure players in the game are having uninterrupted fun and to give us time to increase capacity.

All of the tests of the demo will help go to making Anthem the best game it can be when it arrives on February 22nd.

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