BioWare Is Happy With The Anthem Public Demo

It seems like BioWare is quite happy with how their public demo for Anthem went, and it exceeded their expectations.


You’re going to see a lot of coverage and videos that say the public demo for Anthem wasn’t much better than the VIP demo, which was quite horrible. Constant disconnects once again, audio problems, randomly getting kicked from the game after a dungeon, optimatization problems at certain areas. This is what we heard from the various people that tried the demo. BioWare, on the other hand, says that the demo went quite smoothly.

They say their war rooms were tranquil, which is pretty odd considering how many people still complained about getting disconnected all the time. Could this just be the marketing depratment patching things up before the official launch? Perhaps, but Anthem as a game also faces problems which are tied to its rather repetitive and bland combat.


There was a surprise live event where we got to see Ancient Ash Titans in action. They looked pretty menancing and these were supposed to give us a glimpse of the game’s more late-game oriented stuff. What impression did it give us? That the higher difficulties will just make enemies beefier. No new mechanics or anything to make them interesting. Just more health, resistances, and probably more damage to their attacks.

This makes you think. Why would BioWare say that things went smoothly? If anything, this demo just confirmed our doubts. Anthem won’t have the gameplay to satisfy us with the content that it currently has. Once you get tired of seeing your ultimate for the 100th time and when flying gets boring, that’s it. You won’t have any other reason to come back to the game, at least from what we’ve seen.


What do you think, will Anthem pull through and surprise us? Or will it be the next failure for BioWare? Let us know what you think in the comments down below!

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