Black Desert Online Is Getting An Expansion

Is Black Desert Online still a thing? We know it got a remaster which improved the graphics and a lot of other things. Now, the game is getting a new expansion called Drieghan.

Black Desert Online

If you’re a fan of games like WoW, then you probably never heard of an MMORPG like this. It comes from Korea, so its gameplay mechanics are slightly different in comparison to most western MMORPGs. Firstly, it has absolutely gorgeous graphics, and secondly, it is a sandbox title with a lot of crafting and resource gathering. These types of games are great for people that like grinding. But, Black Desert Online has been struggling with a low player base for quite a while now.

Black Desert Online

Maybe this Drieghan expansion is going to bring back some players. It is coming with a lot of new content, as is expected from a fully fledged expansion. Players will visit Drieghan, the ancient home of the dwarves. No MMORPG is complete without dwarves and their old homes that are usually occupied by creatures that aren’t dwarfs. Anyhow, we get to explore some mountains and see what they have to offer. New monster areas are coming as well, with over 300 quests for us to solve. No matter how you look at it, 300 quests are quite a lot, so you’ll be fairly busy when this expansion arrives on November 14th.

Black Desert Online

The trailer for this expansion also shows a dragon at the end. The scaly lizard in question is probably Garmoth, The Crimson Dragon. We don’t see much of him, but with a name as ominous as Garmoth, we’re sure that he’s going to be a formidable opponent.



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