Black Desert Online Removes Its Battle Royale Mode For Good

It seems the battle royale mode for Black Desert Online brought more problems than the devs expected, so it’s getting removed.

Black Desert Online

We remember the first time Shadow Arena got announced. The players were absolutely pissed, as no one in their right mind wanted a battle royale mode in their MMORPG. If you wanted to play a battle royale game, you would play Fortnite, Apex Legends, or even PUBG, not an MMORPG. That whole concept doesn’t sit well with what MMORPG players usually like, so everyone was wondering why they would add something like this. Well, the answer is obvious, as the whole battle royale genre was grabbing everyone’s attention, so naturally the Black Desert Online devs wanted a slice of that pie.

Unfortuntely for them, Shadow Arena came with more cons than pros, as the official statement says that this mode gave birth to a lot of 3rd party software that was being used by those that played the mode. It was also said that the time spent working on Shadow Arena pulling the devs from their development path, and that they want to focus more on the base game.

Black Desert Online

This is excellent, developers actually noticed that their meaningless attempt at a cash grab failed, and now their attention is going back to the MMORPG. Players are defintely going to be happy when they hear these news. Work is now being put into new content like Star’s End, releasing more Adventure Log updates, and imprving the game’s existing content as much as possible.

Black Desert Online

Did you play the Shadow Arena mode? If you did, are you sad that it is going away? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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