Black Desert Online: Squad Up! Event Is Live

Black Desert Online players can look forward to a lot of treats. First of all, we will talk about the Squad Up! event and the redesigned Savage Rift.

Black Desert Online

The last Guild events brought you double the Silvers and Guild EXP that you’ve earned. That was pretty nice, and useful, so we’ve got some more. Now, all we have to do is play with our Guild members in order to complete missions together. What’s the reward? We’ll it’s special, and you can read about it here. And from last time, those Guild Missions completion rewards that double your Silver and Guild EXP are still in effect.

The Savage Rift was changed a bit, and we get to see what exactly got changed. Now, the duration of Savage Rifts got reduced to be around 20 minutes. The creatures that you face in these raids will have their numbers decreased by 40%. Some of the rewards that you got for completing like the amount of Silver obtained by the end, the EXP, and so on, will get lessened. That does suck, but the new reduced play times mean that in the end, we will complete more Savage Rifts in Black Desert Online than we did before and earn more rewards.

What we’re saying is that these changes are really good for the mode. As always, you can go and read the patch notes yourself. They are quite long, so we didn’t cover absolutely everything.

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