Black Ops 4 Features For 2019 Detailed

2018 was a big year for Call of Duty Black Ops 4. The game was not only one of the best-selling titles in the world, but many resonated with the multiplayer-focused gameplay in numerous forms. Blackout has been a big success for them, and that is still only the beginning. For Treyarch is promising that 2019 will be just as big a year for the game, and they’re promising lots of big changes and updates. And they’ll continue to keep players informed about those updates.

True to form, they went to Reddit, and outlined some of the features and updates that are coming. For example, there will be much to enjoy in Zombie Mode in the near future:

Next week, we’re introducing the first series of this year’s new Zombies features and content with Gauntlets launching first in Voyage of Despair and the addition of three new Elixirs on PS4, plus new balancing changes to existing Elixirs! And as luck would have it, there’s a very Zombies-specific date coming up next week when we’ll have more details to share about these features and more for Zombies coming in 2019.

They also went and talked about how League Play will factor into Black Ops 4:

This all kicks off with the launch of League Play by the end of January, which we know many of you are eagerly anticipating. League Play will operate a little differently this time around. The system is designed to emulate a schedule more like the pros play, where League Play events will be intense and frequent but shorter duration, generally spanning weekends or 3-day periods. In between those events, Scrims will be run as an unranked playlist using CWL rules so that players and teams can sharpen their skills before a competition.

All of this aims to make the game even better this year, so don’t miss out.


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