Black Ops 4 Highlights Upcoming Zombie Event

Call of Duty Blacks Ops 4 continues to roll out the updates in order to ensure that gamers are satisfied in just about every single aspect of the game. A new update actually came out the other day, and not only updated the title, but also, gave a tease as to what is to come very soon to the title. Or more specifically, what’s coming up in the story of zombie mode.

They highlighted this new update on Reddit:

The chilling next chapter of the Black Ops 4 Zombies saga unfolds next week on PS4 with “Ancient Evil”, the final Chaos story experience of the current Zombies season. We’ve got much more to share over the next week, with the world premiere of the gameplay trailer just around the corner.

And just in case you missed this morning’s teaser… Delphi awaits.

So as you can see, things in the zombie mode are going to get pretty dark.


There’s also the “Shamrock ‘N Awe” event going on right now, and it brings a lot of things to the multiplayer mode:

These limited-time updates include St. Patrick’s Stockpile in Multiplayer, Hardcore Mode along with the Homunculus Leprechauns and his Pot-o-Gold in Blackout, green-eyed zombies that come with their own new seasonal Easter Egg in Zombies, and free personalization items for logging in during the event.

And for those on PC, there were some special updates just for you:

  • Multiplayer: We’ve heard the PC community’s feedback on the new Deathmatch Moshpit playlist, and we’ve split it back out into separate Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed playlists with today’s Game Settings update.

  • Blackout: We’ve reduced the number of players required to auto-start Quads, Duos, and Solo matches from 100 to 80 for faster match start times.

  • Zombies: As we prepare for the upcoming release of “Ancient Evil”, we’ve temporarily removed the “New Map” playlist on PC, which was previously for “Dead of the Night”. This map will still be playable in the “Chaos” playlist moving forward.

Check out the full notes to see everything that’s going down in Black Ops 4.

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