Black Ops – Cold War Already Infested With Cheaters

Even in its beta phase Black Ops – Cold War has a prominent problem with the number of cheaters running amok.

Black Ops - Cold War cheaters
Image credit: Treyarch

Am I the only one that finds this absurd? People are actually cheating and using hacks in a beta? I assume these people are aware that everything you achieve in the beta is restarted once the game officially launches? But, that isn’t stopping them from using aimbot and wallhack to kill the enjoyability for everyone else in their matches. Could it be that players are frustrated with the aim assist that console players have, as I’ve seen that being discussed a lot on the Cold War Reddit?

It’s possible, but the chance of that being the actual reason is close to zero. Cheaters are a special kind of people. They wish to be the best without having to improve their skill and spend time learning the game. Their goal is to be oppressively powerful so they’re the only ones who can have fun. Call of Duty titles always have problems like these. But it’s strange that Black Ops – Cold War has cheaters even in its beta. That kind of makes you feel uneasy as a beta is meant for everyone to try the game. See if they like what Treyarch is doing with this entry. Being constantly killed by an aimbotter kind of ruins the experience, wouldn’t you agree? Hopefully Treyarch fixes this soon, as most console players turn off crossplay to avoid these players.

Black Ops - Cold War cheaters
Image credit: Treyarch

If you have any opinions on this be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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