Borderlands 3 Changes Loot Drops In Co-Op

Players won’t have to compete anymore with each other over cool new weapon drops in Borderlands 3 and its co-op mode.

Borderlands 3

A certain problem lurked in the co-op mode of Borderlands 2. The loot was shared, meaning if one awesome weapon dropped, the one who gets to it first gets to pick it up. As you can imagine, this wasn’t very fun at some times, but thankfully Gearbox explained that Borderlands 3 won’t have those kinds of problems in its co-op mode. That’s right, everyone gets their own loot on their own screen. No more fighting over cool guns, every player gets their own, which is a change that everyone is going to appreciate.

Scott Kester said:

Regardless of your respective levels or mission progress, you and your friends can play together online or on the couch, and not only will each of you deal a meaningful amount of damage, you’ll also receive your own discrete loot stream.

But, if for some reason there are players out there that liked the system in Borderlands 2, you will be able to activate it whenever you want to.

Borderlands 3

That’s not all, as it seems that Gearbox is taking the co-op part of their upcoming looter shooter seriously. Completely understandable, as the Borderlands games are at their peak entertainment value when you get to shoot bandits with a couple of friends. Anyhow, the flexability of the co-op mode has been expanded greatly, so even if your partner is level 10 and you’re level 30 you can still play without any restrictions. Even mission progress won’t affect who you can play with and who you can’t play with.

This is good to know, and it increases our hype for the game even more. September is coming in less than half a year, so we won’t have to wait long for the game that will show how a looter shooter needs to look like!

Borderlands 3

Will you be playing Borderlands 3 with someone, or will you take the lone wolf approach? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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