Borderlands 3 Team Is Working On Fixing Guardian Ranks

The Borderlands 3 team wants their players to know that they are aware of the new “community concerns” , and by that I hope they mean the Guardian Ranks, and are working to fix these issues.

Boss battle in Borderlands 3
Image credit: Gearbox

Guardian Ranks still aren’t fixed

Thanksgiving is over, and after spending time with their family and enjoying some delicious food, the Borderlands 3 team needs to head back to work. The players are extremely annoyed that Guardian Ranks haven’t been fixed. Why? Well, Guardian Ranks are your way of leveling and beefing up your character in the late-game. But, since they’ve been disabled, players are finding it hard to take on some more powerful opponents. A lot of builds are also less powerful when they’re missing some of the bonuses that Guardian Ranks give.

Borderlands 3 team is aware of the issues

But, the devs said on Twitter that they are “aware of the new community concerns” that players reported after the November 21 patch arrived. I’m pretty sure they’re talking about Guardian Ranks, as that’s the main subject on most Borderlands 3 Reddit threads.

One of the playable characters from Borderlands 3
Image credit: Gearbox

For now, only one gun got hotfixed

A small hotfix was released on November 26th which addressed bugs with The Butcher. Players, as you can imagine, are rather furious. One weapon got fixed while a ton of other bugs exist? Weird drop rates, some players not being able to aim down when they’re downed, matchmaking issues, and more. The Borderlands 3 team doesn’t need to fix just the Guardian Ranks. There’s a lot of things that need repairing. Gearbox is taking its sweet time, and the players are quite fed up with waiting. Since, you know, a lot of these bugs and issues really affect the enjoyment of this looter-shooter.

Player engaged in battle in Borderlands 3
Image credit: Gearbox

But, I’m sure most of these things are going to be addressed quickly.  Borderlands 3 is a really fun game, and Gearbox won’t let these pesky bugs annoy their loyal fanbase for long. Now, for anyone that is yet to try this insane shooter and all of the crazy guns it has, let’s change that. Pick up a Borderlands 3 PC game key on HRK Game for a great price right now and start blasting fools!

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