Borderlands VR Gets Live-Action Trailer

There are many video game franchises out there that are designed to be funny in their own way. But the Borderlands series one that takes it to a whole new level, and then some. The game is meant to be over-the-top in every way imaginable. From the style of the graphics (which is both cartoony and gritty) to the world setting (long story), to the plot (REALLY long story), and of course, the guns (87 bazillion of them), it’s a lot to behold. And now, the next iteration, Borderlands VR, is coming soon.

Borderlands VR is going to follow the tradition of games like Skyrim VR, Doom VFR, and Wolfenstein VR where you get to go into these established worlds, but in a true first-person experience via the VR headset. Specifically, the PS VR, which is the most successful video game VR headset out there, and they’re so excited for it that they made a live-action VR trailer for the game.

Borderlands VR

The live action version is actually really impressive, as the set design and costumes of the people are really true to what Borderlands is and it will no doubt be a thrill for players to think they are on Pandora via the PS VR.

This 14th December, PlayStation VR fans can look forward to the latest blockbuster experience to come to the platform with Borderlands 2 VR. Developed by Gearbox Software, Borderlands 2 VR brings the iconic shooting-looting world of Pandora to life like never before, as you virtually become a treasure-seeking Vault Hunter facing off against the galaxy’s most charming psychopathic dictator – Handsome Jack – with nothing but your arsenal of 87 bazillion guns.

Of course, many Borderlands fans are actually wanting to hear more about Borderlands 3, which has been delayed many times over the last several years. We’ll have to see how that goes.


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