Breach Introduces Its New Class, The Pyromancer

Breach, the third-person co-op action RPG introduces a brand new class, the fiery Pyromancer.


Breach is a game where you get to explore dungeons and kill monsters with your friends in co-op. Up to 5 people can go and slay some creatures, and there’s also a mode where they go into a dungeon where one player controls the Veil Demon. The Veil Demon can possess monsters, wreak havoc,cast his own spells, and make your dungeon experience a living hell. It’s all quite nicely packed into one pretty exciting experience, and now we get to see a new class, the Pyromancer. You can check out the trailer for it right here.

As you can imagine, the Pyromancer is a DPS class that is all about lighting your foes on fire. Apply stacks to the enemies, spread fire to their allies and stun them with your abilities. Once you apply enough stacks, the Combust abiltity lets you deal immense damage to them and consume those stacks.


The class looks pretty slick, and these blazing abilities are very pleasing to the eye. So, if you were waiting for a class that lets you throw fireballs at your enemies, this is it. Also, the ultimate ability of the Pyromancer allows him to spit fire like a freaking dragon. Quite a spectacular sight to behold, and we bet it looks even more awesome in-game.


Breach players, are you excited for this new class? Tell us what you think about it in the comments section down below!

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