Brigitte Voice Actor In Overwatch Getting Harassed Online

Overwatch may be one of the most popular games out there in the world right now, but it’s also one that is one of the most infamous titles out there too. This is because while there are 30+ million people playing the game, the community isn’t always kind. In find, they’re known to be very toxic at times, and that’s very, very bad. At first, it was just being aimed at fellow players, but now, it’s being aimed at the voice actors behind the characters.

If you don’t believe me, you can ask Matila Smedius, who is the voice actor behind one of the recent characters, Brigitte. For whatever reason, fans are attacking her and her character, apparently saying that her character “ruins” Overwatch. Though why she doesn’t know:

I know I shouldn’t spend any time on people like this, especially when 99.999999% of all my interactions with people online are super positive and supportive (i love you all so much), but it just makes me so confused as to why someone would send me this kind of message.


She continues to show why she’s the better person here by again apologizing for posting about this at all, but also shows her frustration because the “hate mail” is not specific, or even helpful:

“Sorry, guys, might delete this tweet because why waste energy on people just spreading bad vibes….. Like, FINE, if you feel like one character destroyed a whole game – you have the right to think so – but maybe give constructive criticism to the developers instead of harassing the voice actor. I’m so sorry for tweeting about this, I really only want to spread love and positivity. I just don’t understand the point of people doing this. I just DON’T UNDERSTAND.”

Toxicity like this is why Overwatch is loathed by some, and many have left it because of these kinds of actions.

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