Build Yourself A Spaceship In Warframe

It seems like in the upcoming updates Warframe will let players build their very own spaceships, once they find the required parts, of course.

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Warframe evolved immensely over a 6-year period

This is a 6-year old game. I remember playing it for the first time when it launched. Solid combat system, incredible movement system. A true free-to-play title that did require a lot of grinding, to be honest. But, all in all, it was quite fun. Fast forward to 2019 and now we will be able to create our own spaceships in Warframe. Is that crazy? Yeah, it is a bit. However, this space ninja simulator (as I like to call it) did expand its gameplay formula. The game introduced quite a lot of new content. Fighting in space with Archwings, exploring open-worlds thanks to new expansions, and so on.

The devs are taking the game in a strange direction

I do see some players complaining that the game is slowly but surely becoming pay-to-win, with grinding becoming more and more tedious while the devs offer more solutions to these problems via paying with real money. It’s like the devs are looking at the bigger picture that is actually detrimental to the gameplay formula that Warframe usually gets right. This seems to be the case even know with the Rising Tides updates. Grind for space ship parts that let you build your own spacecraft in a future update. That update will also introduce spaceship battles. But, who asked for that? Why can’t we just enjoy being space ninjas that do parkour and massacre their enemies with space weapons?

Image credit:
Digital Extremes

Warframe lets you build spaceships. Or it will let you do that once the Empyrean update arrives. I don’t know if that’s what the players want, but its what the devs are working on. But, if this sci-fi power fantasy fails to meet your expectations, there’s always Destiny 2 and its expansions, which you can get on HRK Game for an amazing price!

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