Bungie Tells Destiny 2 Data Miners to Piss Off

Bungie is fed up with the Destiny 2 data miners and their need to ruin and spoil any kind of upcoming content.

Destiny 2 data miners
Image credit: Bungie

Data miners are essentially future tellers. They dig into a game’s code and find secret files that are unannounced. Doesn’t matter if it’s new events, weapons, cosmetics, even hints about future expansions or DLC. They find all of it and more via data mining.

However, Bungie isn’t a fan. Everyone talked about the data mined emblem over the weekend. Some even went out of their way to buy a completely cosmetic item. People in free2play games love stuff that just makes them look different without actually impacting gameplay.

But Bungie doesn’t want people spending money on this thing. Since they’re going to give the item away for free to all players. The Spicy Ramen Coupon emblem giveaway is happening on July 7th, on Bungie Day as was announced by senior community manager dmg04 on Twitter.

Some players say they should ban these Destiny 2 data miners. Others say Bungie needs better encryption. Some say Bungie released this info in the API, which third parties use to reveal info ahead of time.

What do you think, is data mining a bannable offense? Or is this Bungie’s fault for not using powerful enough encryption?

Destiny 2 data miners
Image credit: Bungie

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