Call Of Duty: Warzone Bans Over 50,000 Cheaters in a Week

Call of Duty: Warzone is taking its hacking problems very seriously as the devs ban over 50k cheaters in just one week.

Warzone ban cheaters
Image credit: Raven Software, Infinity Ward

Raven Software isn’t lacking in the fight against those pesky cheaters! Many devs aren’t fighting these people 24/7, while some put one or two people to take on this gigantic problem. I’m looking at you Respawn and your “we have one or two people working on the Titanfall hacker problem“.

I don’t see Fortnite struggling with hackers, even though it’s also a free2play game. Yet on the other side we have Warzone and Apex Legends that always have a hacker problem. Similarly, PUBG also has issues in this sphere. But from what I see it’s not as bad as with these former two.

However, Raven Software, the Warzone devs, keeps us informed while they ban cheaters. Their latest Tweet reads:

Yet, in these posts I always see comments saying: “Why was I banned? I never cheated” and they never stop. Their aggressive attack against cheaters has some civilian casualties it seems. Perhaps Raven Software needs to add more customer support since the people who lost their accounts can’t get any help.

What do you think, is this approach to the cheater problem the right solution considering many complain about unfairly losing their accounts?

Warzone ban cheaters
Image credit: Raven Software, Infinity Ward

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