Capcom Financial Results Briefing

Given that we are now in the second month of the new year, many are finally getting their financial results and details in for what happened at the end of the 3rd quarter for 2018 (which ended on December 31st). Nintendo revealed theirs recently, and now, it’s Capcom’s turn. The company had a very strong year in regards to calendar 2018, and their financial results proved the year’s last three months were strong too.

In terms of profit, they stated that they had a 28% increase year-to-year, which is very impressive. And while they didn’t give a lot of sales numbers, they did note that Mega Man 11 had “strong sales”. While that doesn’t exactly give us a total, it does show that they’re happy with what fans thought of it, and how much they bought it.

Capcom said before the launch of Mega Man 11 that all future games would be determined by the sales of the title. So if “strong sales” means anywhere close to 1 million or more, then Mega Man 12 might just be in our future.

Monster Hunter World

That wasn’t their only big hits of 2018 though. Monster Hunter World was confirmed for 10 million sales/shipping across Xbox/PS4/PC, and their collection games apparently did really well too:

Furthermore, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC) performed strongly, while Mega Man X Legacy Collection, Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 and Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1+2 (for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC for all three titles) performed well thanks to a dedicated fan base and strong brand capabilities. In addition, high-margin catalog titles steadily increased sales and contributed to improving profitability.

Capcom continues to have a very strong lineup in 2019, they’ve already started off great with Resident Evil 2 Remake, and there’s more to come soon.

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