Capcom Reveals Official Height Of Lady Dimitrescu

Capcom couldn’t escape the overwhelming obsession focused on Lady Dimitrescu and her height, so they officially revealed it themselves.

Capcom Lady Dimitrescu
Image credit: Capcom

Since the Resident Evil Village trailer dropped, people haven’t stopped talking about the tall sexy vampire lady. Lady Dimitrescu became an instant hit, and people are fanatically talking about her height. She’s tall, but how tall is she exactly? Well, she’s much taller than Nemesis. Which is weird. She’s even taller than the world’s third-highest animal. The memes weren’t wrong, she is a gigantic beauty that can rip you in half. Is that the reason so many men are drooling over her? Anyhow, Capcom officially revealed just how tall Lady Dimitrescu is in a tweet.

Basically, an average human’s head lines up with her stomach. The mutation is what made her this tall, or perhaps she just ate really well and managed to grow up to be a giant. I’m sticking with the mutation though. Anyhow, with people finally knowing her height, they started comparing her to many other things and characters. The only villains in the Resident Evil franchise taller than her are Thanatos from RE: Outbreak and 013 from RE: Damnation.

Capcom Lady Dimitrescu
Image credit: Capcom

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