Capcom Was The Top Publisher Of 2018

We’re now into the second month of 2019, and details are still coming out about what was the best of the best in 2018. And what many will note is that there were a lot of top publishers who released quite a few great games last year, which makes you ask the question of who was the best. Well, Metacritic decided to do a chart on that, and according to them, Capcom reigned supreme.

To be clear, they had a very specific field of vision. They looked at all the publishers and looked for ones who had put out 12 games. Then, they looked at the critical praise for each of those games and then ranked the publisher by that. And in the end Capcom reigned supreme over the likes of Sega, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft and more.

That’s actually quite impressive given that the publisher only had a few “big name” game releases in certain ways, but it clearly was enough to get the top spot.

Mega Man 11

“With most publishers merely moving up or down one spot, there are few significant changes compared to last year’s rankings,” Metacritic’s report stated. “But this is the major exception. Increasing its Metascore for the second straight year, the 40-year-old Japanese videogame company soared to the top of our annual rankings after placing 5th a year ago. Capcom received positive reviews from the gaming press for five out of every six products released in 2018—an 83.3% success rate that easily led our group of the largest publishers.”

Their biggest game of last year was Monster Hunter World, which ironically was one of the best-selling games of last year worldwide with well over 10 million in sales. Mega Man 11 was also big for them, and was a big help in getting them the top publisher spot.

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