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  • nintendo switch
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    Nintendo Switch Has Sold 4.8 Million Units In 10 Months In US

    When the Wii U was launched, and then failed to do anything significant sales wise, many people (MANY PEOPLE) thought that Nintendo was doomed outright. In fact, many thought they should got the route of SEGA and just make software from now on. But instead, they didn’t give up, and rumors about the NX were […] More

  • DOOM
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    Doom Response On Switch Pleases Bethesda

    As video games have proven over the last few generations, it’s important to not just have good 1st party support. But also, to have strong 3rd party support as well. For its these games that can help bring in players to your platform that are beyond the “usual suspects”. For Nintendo, they have struggled in […] More

  • Super Meat Boy
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    Super Meat Boy For Nintendo Switch Getting Special Mode

    When it comes to defining a genre, video games often take different paths to get there. Sometimes the world sets it apart from the others. Other times it’s the visuals, which are so epic or so original they can’t help but be the standard bearer. However, the one that many people take as the true […] More

  • WWE 2K18
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    Nintendo Switch Version Of WWE 2K18 Updated?

    To many, there is nothing worse in video games than a terrible port. Because unlike a video game that is just plain bad, a port can not be representative of the game itself, but rather, of the developer who failed to take the time to put quality into the game on that specific system. When […] More

  • Nintendo - Rocket League
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    What Are They Key Differences On The Switch Version of Rocket League

    Rocket League started out as a simple well-made title, but through popularity, word-of-mouth, and dedication by developer Psyonix, the game has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. The high-octane sports game has eSports tournaments, professional teams, and a massive fanbase that continues to grow. Through this fanbase, the game grew to not just PC, not just […] More

  • Yooka-Laylee
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    Yooka-Laylee Gets Nintendo Switch Release Date

    When the Nintendo 64 came out, it may not have been the most powerful system on the market, but it did have some of the most legendary games ever made. Super Mario 64, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Smash Bros., etc. But a duo of games that fans loved from 3rd Party developers […] More

  • Skyrim
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    Skyrim Has Officially Launched on Nintendo Switch

    When the Nintendo Switch had its “reveal commercial” last year, it showed off many things. But what caught the eye of most was that Skyrim appeared on the console. This was both intriguing and special as no Bethesda game has ever made it onto a Nintendo console, ever. There was some back-and-forth whether this was […] More

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