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  • Tekken 7
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    Geese Howard DLC For Tekken 7 Releasing This Month?

    Tekken 7 has been praised for many reasons since its release. Not the least of which is because of the incredible depth the game has. But more recently, the game has been praised because of the DLC it’s been adding. While DLC 1 Pack was a bit oddball, as it added bowling and new costumes. […] More

  • Injustice 2
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    Injustice 2 Was In Arrow This Week

    So, the DC Comics universe is a very far-reaching thing. On one hand, there are comics about the numerous characters. There are also cartoons, live-action TV shows, movies (with Justice League now out in theaters), and of course, video games. It’s not uncommon for these various medias to crossover in subtle ways, or have elements […] More

  • Justice League Injustice 2
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    Injustice 2 Getting Justice League Movie Outfits

    The DC Comics universe is about to get a major event in the form of the Justice League film. Featuring the debut of many characters in live action (or at the very least first time on the big screen), many fans are eagerly awaiting the League’s arrival. But, Warner Bros. is going to capitalize on […] More

  • Injustice 2
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    Sub-Zero Trailer For Injustice 2 Has Showed Up

    Injustice 2 is getting a lot of praise from fans and critics, and it’s clear that NetherRealms Studios, the team behind the game, wants to support this title for quite some time. Because of that, the team teased the first three DLC fighters that would be coming to the game. The first two were Starfire […] More