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  • Overwatch
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    Overwatch Wins Best Ongoing Game Award

    At The Game Awards, many titles from 2017 were honored with numerous awards, from art direction, to narrative, to best RPG, and more. But, there were categories for games that didn’t release this year, but were still going strong via player support. And the winner for “Best Ongoing Game” goes to…Overwatch. Blizzard’s team FPS game […] More

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    Overwatch Getting Xbox One X Enhancements

    Since the arrival of the Xbox One X, there have been many titles that have been revealed to be getting “enhancements”. For you see, the console is quite literally the most powerful console ever made. Period. But it’s more than just graphics power, it’s processing, which helps games run even smoother. Blizzard has already pledged […] More

  • Overwatch Doomfist
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    Overwatch Gets New Patch Notes

    For Overwatch, patches are absolutely essential. The game is in a constant state of balancing, both by fan request and by the team at Blizzard themselves. More than that though, they use these patches to also bring in new and exciting things from the PTR and beyond. So, we have a brand new patch out […] More

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    Overwatch – Doomfist hero datamined?

    For months there have been rumors that one of the upcoming heroes of Overwatch may be Doomfist, but it always proved to be just a rumor. But now we might have finally witnessed actual evidence. There was an Overwatch update on the Public Test Server that brought a few fixes recently. The log files of this […] More