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    Conan Exiles Emerges Out Of Early Access

    Conan Exiles, a harsh survival game where you get to turn into a big God avatar and then step on other players. Sounds like a pretty fun experience, and the game was rather well received on its Steam page. Now, after quite some time in Early Access, the title has been finally fully released for […] More

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    You Can Now Build The Six Wonders In They Are Billions

    Have you heard of a particular strategy game called They Are Billions? It’s a rather unique title, and a very frustrating one at that, where you have to defend your city against a huge horde of zombies. This might sound very easy, but trust us, it is actually a nightmarish task, once which may leave […] More

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    What’s Coming To Battletech In The Future?

    It’s always good to plan for the future, especially if your newly released game got a ton of sales and was overall well received by a lot of people. Battletech is a game where you get to pilot all kinds of BattleMechs and participate in exciting turn-based combat. There seems to be a trend with […] More

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    Steam Spy Is Still Alive

    If you thought that the changes made to Steam’s privacy settings would kill Steam Spy, well, you could be right, but the problems that the site is experiencing isn’t connected to that at all. The General Data Protection Regulation that is being enforced by the EU is making Valve change their privacy settings, but the […] More

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    Wild West Online Launches On May 10th

    We think everyone wanted to be a cowboy at one point in their lives. Ride horses around, wear cool outfits, shot people with revolvers. That sort of thing will be possible in an upcoming MMO called Wild West Online. The name pretty much says it all, and it has social areas, big PvE and PvP […] More

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    SoulWorker Online Adds New PvP Operation

    SoulWorker Online is a flashy action-packed MMO with stunning anime graphics. The game came out this year, and besides the limiting Energy System which gets really annoying in the late game, this hack-and-slash title is rather captivating. For those of you that already beat most of the content in the game, don’t worry, we now […] More

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    Conan Exiles: Purge System Available On TestLive

    Want to try your luck in the savage lands of Conan The Barbarian? Then try Conan Exiles, a brutal open-world survival game that’s being developed by Funcom. It appears that the game’s mechanics are rather promising, and players are enjoying this survival title, but it seems like it’s being plagued by cheaters at the moment. […] More

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    Bless Online’s Steam Version Bringing Lots Of New Features

    Even though there’s been a lot of hype surrounding the upcoming MMORPG, Bless Online, the game had quite a bit of problems in Korea and Russia. Now, in order to avoid making the same mistakes again with the Steam launch, the developers of the game reworked a lot of the game’s mechanics, and even added […] More

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    Crisis on the Planet of the Apes Arrives On Steam

    Most of us are familiar with the Plant of the Apes series, be it the old cult movies that gathered a huge following, or the new Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and War for the Planet of the Apes movies that came out recently. Have you ever wanted to roleplay as an ape that can […] More

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    Darwin Project Gets A Duo Mode

    A lot of the battle royal games out there are quite similar, but there are ones that are a tad bit different from the rest. Have you heard about the Darwin Project? It’s a battle royal game but the gameplay is much like that of the Hunger Games, and that’s where things get interesting. The […] More

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    Way back when arcade games were still the most popular kind of video game entertainment, everyone loved fighters. Simple gameplay, but tricky to master, this formula made the fighting games a hit with almost everyone. Today, we don’t have too many fighters or brawlers, but we can taste nostalgia with THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’97 […] More

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    Dark and Light: Mistvane Shrine Gets A Video Tour

    What’s a better way to introduce a new PvE experience than a video tour? Dark and Light, the massive open-world sandbox RPG showed us around in their latest video, and we got to see the Mistvane Shrine, which was previously called the Air temple. If you have a cool new PvE area to show, you […] More

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