Check Out The Last Black Desert Trailer For Its Xbox One Beta

Black Desert is having one last open beta before it officially launches on Xbox One, so try it out now while you still can!

Black Desert

Black Desert is also present on the PC, where it’s known as Black Desert Online. It’s one of those sandbox MMORPGs that feature brilliant graphics, anime-like combat (a lot of incredibly flashy moves that kill tons of enemies), and a lot of content to play through.

If you remember, the last time we mentioned Black Desert Online was when we were talking about its newly released battle royale mode. Let’s just say that the players weren’t too happy about that addition, but at least Xbox One players don’t have to worry about it. Not yet that is.

Black Desert

So, which one of you are going to participate in the last open beta, which also got a trailer. Remember, once the game launches on Xbox One, it becomes a buy-to-play title, like ESO or Guild Wars 2. Those of you that are looking for an MMORPG with stunning graphics and a lot of content (that also includes a lot of grinding) should give this game a go. The last open beta will start on February 14th and it ends on February 17th. That’s going to be your last chance to try this MMORPG for free.

Black Desert

Black Desert is launching on the Xbox One on March 4th, 2019.

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