Chernobylite Is Like STALKER’s Spiritual Successor

If you’re itching for anything like STALKER, Chernobylite might just be the sci-fi horror shooter game that you need.


Who wouldn’t love to visit a place like Chernobyl, especially when you have creatures from alternate realities roaming around the place? The announcement trailer does give you chills when you watch it. Atmospheric, eerie, with an excellent song in the background that just makes your skin crawl. Ah yes, there will be no mutants in this game from what we saw, but something tells us that the green-colored things from the trailers are much worse than any mutant.

There is no gameplay for now, but even the trailer screams “STALKER” when you watch it. Ohers such as yourself in the game are called Stalkers, and this makes us think that this is some spiritual successor to those games. Also everything else also you find in the description makes you think that.


Unique crafting, sci-fi elements where you explore Chernobyl which has creatures from alternate realities that roam the place. Chernobylite also has a personal story, as you play as a guy who worked there before the accident. Now you’ve come back to look for your wife. We’re expecting some spectgacular narrative in this title, that will be interwineed with the world and these alternate realities.

Metro Exodus will reel us in into its awesome story with Russians, and after that, we get to play this, which releases sometime in Autumn 2019. No exact release date has been given at this time. Basically, we are set when it comes to atmospheric and story-driven shooters that are taking place in Russia.


Will you be exploring this sci-fi horror RPG shooter when it comes out? Or does it look too spooky for you? Tell us in the comments below!

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