Chivalry 2 Will Get Tons of Free Updates

In a post-launch dev diary the Chivalry 2 devs announce their future plans for the game that include tons of free updates.

Chivalry 2 free updates
Image credit: Torn Banner Studios

Chivalry 2 is an excellent multiplayer title. Lots of swords clashing, decapitations, blood, that sort of stuff. The perfect medieval mayhem simulator if you will. There’s not a whole lot of content in the game but the devs are already preparing their next batch. And it’s all going to be free.

A stunning new map with a giant pearly white castle is on its way. It also has a gigantic port where we can blow up ships. Yet, that’s not where the free stuff ends. Players can also expect a ton of new weapons and a new fighting style that’s going to shake up the combat experience.

From the looks of it, Torn Banner aims to release a ton of free stuff. Seems like their post-launch support of the game isn’t ending anytime soon, judging by what they said in their latest dev diary. Doubling the game’s content is what they’re aiming for.

Have you been enjoying Chivalry 2 and its hectic and bloody medieval warfare? Or is this not your type of game at all?

Chivalry 2 free updates
Image credit: Torn Banner Studios

Those that still didn’t pick up Chivalry 2 can head over to HRK Game and get a copy for a terrifically low price today!

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