Conan Exiles Making Changes to Thralls

Conan Exiles is introducing a new patch for TestLive, which will require players to restart the game to make sure the current version is being used.

The patch will introduce new element thralls for Warrior, Dancer and Archer. Players can now interact the them, as well as opening their inventory. These can then be used to equip the with better weapons and armor, whichever you choose, ultimately making an impact on your survivability and damage potential.

Thrall types such as these can no longer be placed within your inventory after being placed in the game world. When interacting with them, you will be given the option to check the inventory and transfer your items. You can also reposition them after picking them up in different locations, meaning you can have multiple bases after moving from one to the other, following the breaking of the wheel of pain. Once placed out, it will be a telling task to reposition them across great distances, so be sure to do it at the right time.

The inventory support for these thralls is something that is made aware to developers, and is a technical limitation that will hopefully be fixed soon. The repositioning of these thrall types will be addressed in a future update, according to the devs.

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