Could A God OF War Series Be Coming To Netflix?

Video games are a place where great characters and stories can be born. They’re also a place where great worlds are shown on and visual creatures can be made. If not obvious, this is why many have tried to make movies based on classic video games series. Sadly, the results have been mixed to say the least. They either go too over-the-top, or don’t respect the franchise themselves, and thus, they flop, hard. However, the director of God Of War is up for something on Netflix…

There have been rumors floating around that Netflix was actually planning to do a God Of War series or movie on their service. And there was even a rumor that Aquaman actor Jason Momoa would play Kratos. After being asked about it, Santa Monica Studios Cory Balrog noted:

“True. This is not happening. Hmmm…🤔… I wonder if we should do something about that @netflix ?”

God Of War

Now, while the immediate reaction may be to NOT want such a film or series on Netflix because of the history of video game adaptations, it might actually be ok if God Of War got its shot. After all, there have been movies depicting the Greek and Norse gods before, including Clash Of The Titans. Another aspect to mention is that with CGI how it is today, it’d be easy to make all the creatures from both mythologies in order to help sell the world.

The question really is, “How should they do it?” Personally, if they’re going to do it, they should start at the beginning. And most importantly, they should do it in a seasonal format. Have each game be represented by a season. Say, 13 episodes? If each one is about an hour long, that’ll help drive the story, allow for epic battles, and most important, not have things be rushed.

But, it’s up to Netflix and others to see if this happens. Would you want it to happen?

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