Count Dooku Arrives With Latest Star Wars Battlefront II Update

One of the most deadly melee Sith Lords, Count Dooku, found his way into Star Wars Battlefront II.

Count Dooku

Count Dooku was one of the most formidable opponents in the Star Wars movies, and he’s quite a beast in the game as well. Also, he was portrayed by Christopher Lee, one of the most iconic actors of our generation that starred in many cult classics.

So, what is Darth Tyranus capable of in Star Wars Battlefront II? Well, he is a brutally skilled melee duelist that can easily deflect enemy lightsaber attacks. If you were looking for your Jedi hunter, Count Dooku is the pick for you.

Count Dooku

What can Count Dooku do? Well, he has a AoE lighting attack that brings down all his enemies, leaving them open to his vicious lightsaber attacks. He also has an ability that slows a target and makes them take bonus damage from Dooku and his allies. Killing someone affliceted by this ability resets its cooldown. Then there’s the Duelist Ability which makes the Count switch up his attack style to insanley quick slashes which do immense damage.

Count Dooku

But, the Count isn’t all powerful. If you want to take him down, just use ranged attacks, as he’s particularly bad at deflecting those. This free update gives Dooku his Sith Lord look, but another one is coming on January 30th, and a third is getting added in February.

Star Wars Battlefront II players can also look forward to the Genosis map in new game modes like Blast, Heroes vs. Villains, and Custom Arcade!

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