Cross-Play Will Arrive To Apex Legends

Apex Legends, the latest game from the Titanfall developers will get cross-play sometime in the future.

Apex Legends

A lot of people expected Respawn to announce Titanfall 3. That was not the case, as the makers of the Titanfall games then suddenly announced a battle royale game. The strange thing is that the game is set in the Titanfall universe, but there are no Pilots or Titans in sight. This is definitely strange, but maybe they are setting things up for Titanfall 3 or something like that.

We find out in a Eurogamer article about a lot of things, mostly concerning how Respawn went about this whole thing. One of the thing that was dicsussed was the ability of cross-play. Yes, it will be implemented sometime later in the future. But, cross-progression won’t be coming, so you will be able to play with people from other platforms but the progress can’t be shared on one acount between those platforms.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is like a hero shooter mixed in with battle royale-type of gameplay. You have 8 heroes, each with their own abilities and ultimates, and you have to carry your team of 3 to victory by killing the other players. The gunplay is amazing, so that right at the start is good. Everything else also feels smooth and slick, from the abilities to the movement.

All in all, Respawn have made a pretty spectacular battle royale. We just have to wait and see if it’s going to catch the attention of gamers that are a fan of this genre since the gaming industry is crawling with battle royale titles of all kinds, shapes, and sizes. The fact that it will get cross-play is an even better thing, so this may just be the game that opposes Fortnite.

Apex Legends

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