Cuba Is The Destination In The New Overwatch Event

Blizzard gave us some info on the upcoming Overwatch Archive Event, and it seems like it’s going to take place in Cuba.


Overwatch has a pretty compelling universe with a lot of intriguing characters. That’s why Blizzard is focusing a lot more on world-building, and that’s exactly what these Archive Events are. Pieces of a bigger puzzle that let us know more about the lore of Overwatch. The players like them, they are usually fun, and they give the players some new content every once in a while, to keep things fresh.

This time we’re going to be tracking down the accountant of Doomfist. That’s right, and Tracer is going to be leading this strike team which consists of Genji, Mercy, and Winston. The team is pretty balanced, with offensive, support, and tank characters all present, which is what 90% of Overwatch matches lack, but that’s beside the point.

Cuba is going to be our destination this time around, but we don’t have a lot of information as of yet. Thankfully we at least got to know when we’re going to go after Doomfist’s accountant. This event is starting on April 16th, and it ends on May 6th, and it is the third entry in the Archive series, next to Retribution and Uprising.


We like where Blizzard is going with these Archive events, and they should definitely do more of them. No matter what game they make, the teams behind these titles can make outstanding characters and stories that go along with them. So, let’s hope we get less themed events and more of these ones that explore the lore of the Overwatch world.

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