Cuphead Patch v1.1.3 Gets Detailed

No matter what size of a video game developer you are, there are always going to be issues with your video game. They could be big issues, and cause major parts of the game to break, or, they could be smaller issues, annoyances but not cataclysmic. Because of this age of gaming, fixes are easier than ever, and things like patches and updates help make fixing games a breeze. Which is good, because Cuphead has just gotten a patch.

The team at StudioMDHR posted the word about the patch on their website. They were sure to thank the players who have bought their game, and appreciate the patience given to them as they worked on making the game even better. It’s not just bug fixes too, but also small refinements and gameplay balances as well.

So, what’s been fixed? Well, how about some freezes that occurred because of controller issues? That shouldn’t happen anymore.

Speaking of controllers, there was a bug that would cause the controller to infinitely rumble. That won’t happen again. Various other game freezes and crashes have been fixed too. So hopefully you won’t have to worry about the game dying on your mid-boss. There have also been improvements to saving and loading the game.

A funny glitch that will likely make people sad that its gone is the ability to create a “Mugman Army”. Sorry, that’s no longer possible.

On the weapons side, a glitch in the damage caused by swapping weapons has been fixed. There’s also been a slight damage reduction in charged weapons. Also, when you parry an attack while charging a weapon, the charge is now kept.

There’s even been an announcer added to the Mausoleum level! That sounds fun.

Be sure to check out the full Patch Notes to see all that’s been added to the game.


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