Cyberpunk 2077 Has A New Look For V

Cyberpunk 2077 will have a brand new look for the female version of V that is rocking a crazy new haircut color and some piercings.

Cyberpunk 2077 V
Image credit: CD Projekt Red

Did you buy your mother a rose on the 8th of March? Or chocolate for your girlfriend? I hope you did, and CD Projekt Red decided to bless all gamers, male and female, for that special occasion. Remember the last time we saw V, the female version of her anyway? Well, this is her new look. As you can see, she looks quite, well, dangerous. Like the type of girl that can take you out on a date, beat you in darts, then beat you in arm wrestling.  She can probably also drink a lot more than you. All in all, she looks like a proper bandit, one that you wouldn’t want to mess around with.

“Miss V”, as they introduced her in the tweet, doesn’t have any makeup on, unlike the previous version. Her scar is also more visible. Her new grayish pink also look quite extravagant. The look is all-around badass, and I actually look forward to playing Cyberpunk 2077  as this new female version of V much more now. There’s just something about her that screams “DANGER” and that’s how I want my character to look in a cutthroat sci-fi world full of all kinds of threats.

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