Dangerous Driving Is Coming To The Epic Store

Dangerous Driving is all about taking out your road rage on other drivers, and it will be available on the Epic Store.

Dangerous Driving

Ever got stuck in traffic and fantasized about stepping on it and burning through the long lines of cars and going on your merry way? That’s kind of the point of Dangerous Driving, a game that many are already comparing to the Burnout games, which isn’t a bad thing. But the fact that the game is coming to the Epic Store on the PC is a bad thing. A very bad thing in fact since no other digital distribution platform was listed for the PC on their official site.

People in the comments section of the game’s announcement video are already mad. Why wouldn’t they be, another title is going into the clutches of a company that is promoting hostile and anti-consumer policies like exclusives. Add on top of that the fact that they’re spitting straight out lies like “this is good practice for the customers because it makes the competitors improve” and all that. How is giving your consumers only one option a good thing?

Dangerous Driving

Dangerous Driving is looking like a fun game. You can powerslide at extreme speeds, slam into other cars and make them crash into something violently, apprehend speedsters in the Pursuit Mode, and ram into other players in online play.

Everything looks and feels like a Burnout game, so people are excited. Still, the fact that it seems like it will only be available on the Epic Store on the PC is a letdown.

Dangerous Driving

Will you be buying this game once it launches, or are you skipping it because it’s landing on the Epic Store?

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