Dark Alliance Reveals Release Date In Official Gameplay Video

Dark Alliance reveals its release date in its official gameplay video that shows thrilling action in the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

Dark Alliance release date
Image credit: Tuque Games

An RPG/Brawler that needs a lot of polish

A Dungeons & Dragons game that isn’t isometric, turn-based, or real-time with pause? Call me surprised, we haven’t seen a combination like this in a while. And it’s an action-RPG brawler. Not a lot of those games available today as well.

With my interest peaked, I went to investigate. The official gameplay trailer found below was stylish, but it’s a trailer after all. It’s designed to look good and impressive. That’s when I started searching for live gameplay. Game Informer had some raw gameplay, so I checked it out.

Yeah, this needs more time in the oven. The fundamentals are there and functional. But the animations are sluggish, hits don’t look responsive, and the combat has this janky look about it. The shaking camera is something they need to fix as well. I’m not saying it’s all bad, as this game definitely has potential with its setting, characters, and approach to combat. But that combat aspect needs more love and care.

Coming sooner than you might think

However, we won’t wait long before this game’s out. Dark Alliance announced its release date, which is shockingly June 22nd, 2021. We’re getting this Dungeons & Dragons RPG Brawler in three months. Can they polish every rough edge by then?

Gamers aren’t that forgiving these days. Such is the market. With plenty kinds of titles on display, if something launches broken, unplayable, buggy, or lackluster in terms of content, it’s quickly forgotten. We all know what happened to Cyberpunk, Marvel’s Avengers, and Anthem.

Dark Alliance release date
Image credit: Tuque Games

Will Dark Alliance turn out the same, or can the devs pretty up their D&D brawler? What do you think? Leave your comments and opinions in the comments section down below!

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