Days Gone Coming To PC And Other PS4 Games Will Follow

Days Gone, the 2019 action-adventure zombie survival game, is the first of many PS4 titles that Sony decided to bring to the PC audience.

Days Gone PC
Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony needs more money

Making games costs money. Giants likes Microsoft and Sony never wanted to release their console exclusives on PC. But, it’s different now. The PC audience is insanely big, and of course, they want to tap into it. We’ve seen how many Xbox games arrive to PC these. Sony aims to do the same thing which they announced in the interview with GQ.

Naturally, there’s a bunch of excellent console exclusives a lot of PC players would die to play. Bloodborne, I just want them to bring the best Soulslike to us. But, it’s too early to ask for such a blockbuster title.

Days Gone is coming to PC

No Bloodborne, but we get zombies. Because we don’t get enough zombie games these days, Sony is bringing Days Gone to the PC. This title has insane production but its story leaves something to be desired.

Still, it’s a fun experience if you want to see how one man and his motorcycle take on the zombie apocalypse. It’s definitely not a title anyone asked for specifically, but it’s the first of many that are arriving.

Days Gone PC
Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

If you’re looking for good zombie games already available on the PC, I point you in the direction of Dying Light, State of Decay 2, and the Resident Evil 2 Remake, all available on HRK Game for an amazing price.

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