Days Gone – Free update added “Survival” difficulty

Days Gone has received a new free update that adds difficulty mode – “Survival” and prepares us for the Weekly Trials. They include battles, bike competitions and trials with hordes, after which players will receive special awards.

Survival difficulty mode kicks things off today. This builds on top of the current hard mode, with many tuning changes that create a much more challenging experience surviving the Central Oregon wilderness. Not only are the enemies harder, but you can’t bypass them using Fast Travel. This mode also features an immersive HUD that increases tension by removing enemy awareness indicators and outlines. The HUD is turned off, but players can temporarily display it by activating Survival Vision. In addition to bragging rights, players will earn new bike skins and trophies that can only be acquired by playing and beating Survival difficulty.

So, the first test – “Surrounded”, will set the task for the players to survive in the endless attack of hordes in the town of Camp Sherman, and the results will depend on how long the player survives. There will also be subtasks, such as special killings, headshots, and ear collection. And, in just 12 weeks there will be 12 trials.

And after passing the game on this difficulty, players will receive new exclusive skins for the bike and trophies.

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