Days Gone: Six people made the biggest part of the game

Days Gone was released a month ago, which became Sony’s exclusive title. The best part of the freaker adventure was made by just a couple of devs.

Days Gone has become an absolute success in the UK, but the game has not become the critical success we have received from Sony’s exclusive titles in recent years. The game has changed a lot over the years, but the Oregon environment, which we admired after the title was unveiled, remained as beautiful as years ago when we first saw Days Gone. Eric Jensen, Head of Development, has now stated that the wonderful landscape is the work of five or six people.

The thing I’m most proud of is how diverse and dynamic we were able to make the open world with such a small open world design team (5-6 people). We had to think smart and efficient with all of our design choices knowing the man power limitations. Seeing all of the crazy videos and screenshots that people have posted of the open world coming for Deacon or even interacting with itself has been incredibly cool for our team to see!”

Certainly, the credibility of the world greatly contributes to the success of a program. Days Gone is a good but not a great game, and the first DLC will soon arrive.

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