Dead By Daylight Getting Resident Evil DLC

Dead by Daylight is getting a Resident Evil DLC which brings with it a brand new Killer and two new Survivors to the game.

Dead by Daylight Resident Evil
Image credit: Behaviour Interactive Inc.

When you think about it, Dead by Daylight is the perfect place for Resident Evil characters. Doesn’t matter if it’s Killers or Survivors, that universe is already structured like a survival game. Well, in Resident Evil you have more of a fighting chance, but you get my point.

That’s why you should get excited for June 15th, 2021. It’s when the game takes us into a Racoon City police station where horror awaits. During the game’s 5th Anniversary Broadcast a new Chapter got announced. The new Killer is Nemesis while Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine join the game as brand new Survivors.

Nemesis is a tentacle freak, an unstoppable bio-organic predator that kills viciously and without mercy. Leon and Jill are also experienced soldiers, already familiar with escaping unrelenting monsters. Check out all three of these characters in the announcement video down below:


Dead by Daylight and RE look like a perfect crossover. Are you excited to see these characters in-game? Or did you expect something else during the 5th Anniversary Broadcast? Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comment section down below!
Dead by Daylight Resident Evil
Image credit: Behaviour Interactive Inc.

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