Dead By Daylight Trapper Mask is Now Available for Pre-Order

Dead by Daylight, the asymmetrical horror game from Behaviour Interactive, has proven to be a popular hit for fans of the genre. This has been established by it’s gripping level of gameplay, as well as the introduction of iconic movie villains to be used as playable characters. One of the most recognizable characters however, is the game’s mascot killer known as The Trapper, and there is now a mask available for pre-order on the official DBD store if you fancy a piece of epic memorabilia.

The Trapper is the killer featured on the box art, and is described as “a vast monster of a man with a hideous grin torn across his mask.” The Trapper, aka Evan Macmillan, is renowned for his machete-wielding antics with a distinct fondness of bear traps. So if you’ve ever wanted a replica mask of his, then now is your chance to do so.

On the official DBD store, you have the option to pre-order a 1:1 replica of The Trapper’s mask, which is made from durable polyurethane foam, and boasts high detail with scratches and paint across it. What’s more, the first production run offers an exclusive 16″ x 12″ art print, and the masks will be limited to 1,555 pieces across the globe.

If you are yet to play the game, then you can do so now, with Dead by Daylight being available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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