Dead Cells Legacy Update Lets You Revisit Old Versions Of The Game

Dead Cells just introduces its Legacy update that lets its players take a trip down memory lane and revisit old versions of the game.

Player standing in a room besides a great axe
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You know how WoW players wanted to play the older versions of the game? Just the vanilla version that reminds them of the nostalgic beginnings? Well, something like that is now possible in Dead Cells with its Legacy update. That’s right, everything that was changed since the Early Access happened in big versions of this game. Players can now pick which version they wish to play. Each of the major iterations of Dead Cells (0.0, 0.1, 0.2, etc) can be selected. That means if you want a version that has a mechanic that was removed or has a certain mechanics that was tweaked in the future that you want to experience when they first came out, you can do that now.

This is also a great way to see how the game evolved since it came out. The devs that came up with this idea are brilliant. I wish more of them would put in a feature such as this one if it’s possible to implement.

Player shooting an enemy with a bow
Image credit: Motion Twin

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