Dead by Daylight – Latest DLC Detailed

Starbreeze Publishing and Behaviour Digital have announced the release of the iconic Freddy Krueger as a killer in Dead by Daylight. Following the previous trailer reveal, the partnership have now revealed new details on what is to be expected from the DLC.

The infamous antagonist from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise will be bringing his classic glove and claw combo as his primary weapon, much to the delight of fans surely. Meanwhile, Freddy’s new power, “Dream Demon,” will give killers the ability to play a form of trick on survivors in which they fall asleep and become trapped in “Freddy’s never-ending Nightmare.”

Meanwhile, the new survivor coming to the game will be Quentin Smith, who will assume the role of a young man looking to stay awake before he goes to bed, and consumes energy drinks and pills to avoid certain death. Both Quentin and Freddy will do battle at Badham Preschool, the place in which Freddy became the vicious killer that we all know of today.

The new Chapter is now available on PC, whilst it will make its way onto Xbox One and PS4 sometime soon, hopefully it will arrive on the latter platforms in time for Halloween.

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