Dead Island 2 Is Apparently Still In Development

We don’t hear a lot of things about Dead Island 2, but it seems that the game is still in development, 5 years after it was announced.

The first Dead Island game was received pretty well. It had some problems but overall, it was an enjoyable zombie murder simulator that gathered a lot of fans. Techland, the devs that made the original created another game about crushing zombie skulls called Dying Light. It had makeshift weapons, freerunning, dangerous nighttime expeditions, and other things. Basically, it looked like the improved version of what Dead Island is, but that’s why everyone is still intrigued by Dead Island 2. Just what the game is going to be about, how it’s going to look, things like that are still unknown today.

Sequels can get stuck in development hell, that is pretty standard in the video game industry today. Is that what’s happening with Dead Island 2? Maybe, but this financial presentation from THQ Nordic did confirm that the game is still in development. Those that like to listen to people talk about business and stuff like that can check out the entire presentation. If you’re just curious about Dead Island, skip to 19:00.

The only information about this game is the cinematic trailer that doesn’t really tell us much. Hopefully some kind of information gets released in the near future. After all, leave fans with nothing to get hyped about and no one will be excited for your game when it finally arrives.

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