Death Stranding To Be Delayed Again?

When it comes to being a video game developer, you must have certain things to help you get the game done. But, you must also be true to yourself, and sometimes that means not releasing the game until it is done, and darn near perfect. No one embodies that sentiment more than Hideo Kojima. The man is a master storyteller, and knows when his game is done, and when it isn’t. Which seems to be the case with his first solo title, Death Stranding. Because according to him, they’re behind schedule.

This isn’t saying much for the record, as Death Stranding has been teased for years, but we’ve only seen a few trailers, and none of them paint a clear picture of what is going on in the story, or how it all connects, or what the endgame is with it.

As for the delay, this came via an interview with J-Wave. Where Kojima noted that the game’s story was complete, but that the game itself wasn’t polished yet.

Death Stranding

So where does that leave us? Well, the game was allegedly going to come out this year and be one of the PS4’s big exclusive titles. But, if they’re not in the polishing phase yet, that could push it into early 2020 depending on how long they need to go and do their duty.

True, Kojima said in the interview that they were only “slightly” delayed, but a slight delay can lead to more delays as we’ve seen over the years.

Death Stranding is meant to be another masterpiece, and it’s clearly on another plane of storytelling according to everyone who’s seen it and experienced it in some form. Even the voice actors are in awe of it. But until we get our hands on it, it’s all speculation and rumors.

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