Deathloop Adds Photo Mode And More Accessibility Options

Deathloop has a lot of style so it isn’t surprising that the game got a photo mode along with a ton more accessibility options.

Deathloop photo mode
Image credit: Arkane Studios

Deathloop adds a Photo Mode

If anything, Deathloop is a very stylish time-traveling shooter set on a very stylish dystopian island. So it makes perfect sense for a game like Deathloop to have a photo mode. It’s strange that a mode like this wasn’t there from the beginning, but it is now.

You can check out this YouTube video to see the photo mode in action. It’s very versatile and complex, so you can get some insane photos if you’re creative enough. Well, this is a game that awards creativity so the photo mode is just a way for you to capture your murderous art. Or maybe you’re just there to take cool screenshots of the stunning world and its well-dressed characters. Both work just fine with the photo mode.

Deathloop adds more accessibility options

That’s not all, as Deathloop gets more accessibility options. This little blog post by Yoann Bazoge, the game’s lead UI/UX designer, talks about the team’s gratitude to the players for all their insight and feedback. Because of this, the game got a ton more accessibility options.

Deathloop now has 30 new options, from menu navigations to gameplay options. Modify the combat difficulty, change the number of lives Colt has, slow down the game speed, and more. There’s a ton to unpack here, and you can see the list of all the changes here.

Deathloop photo mode
Image credit: Arkane Studios

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