Deathloop Delayed Again

Deathloop, the next strange actions series from Dishonored creators Arkham Studios, just got delayed for a second time.

Deathloop delayed
Image credit: Arkane Studios

Excited as hell. Those were the feelings of many when Arkane Studios showed Deathloop for the first time ever. It was strange, featured teleportation, assassins, and time loops. Basically Dishonored’s even stranger cousin. I never thought Arkane would make something that’s more baffling than Dishonored, but we got exactly that.

But, as it so happens these days all the time, Deathloop got delayed. Instead of arriving in 2020, they pushed back the release date to May 2021. Nothing strange, with the global pandemic and all, everyone has trouble working and the video game industry is no different. Working from home isn’t as easy when you’re a part of a huge team that has to constantly work and communicate with each other.

Unfortunately, the trend continues. Arkane Studios posted a Tweet that made everyone sad. Deathloop is delayed once more. It’s a hard decision, especially since everyone delays everything these days. On the other hand, better to delay than to release a buggy mess. I think Cyberpunk 2077 taught many devs that lesson.

So, we all wait. Five months isn’t that long, so I hope Deathloop releases on September 14th, 2021. Then again, another delay is not out of the question. All we can do is pray and wait.

Deathloop delayed
Image credit: Arkane Studios

You can pre-order Deathloop on HRK Game for a discounted price today! Arkane Studios’ Dishonored series is also available for insanely low prices, so don’t wait and pick yourself an action game full of assassins, teleportation, and insanity!

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