Death’s Door Already Reaches 100k Players

Death’s Door is a short and sweet Legend of Zelda-like experience that’s already doing numbers on Steam with its concurrent 100k players.

Death's Door 100k
Image credit: Acid Nerve

Remembers with the old Legend of Zelda games? Outstanding atmosphere, brilliant soundtrack, gripping combat with different combat mechanics. Add a unique art style and insanely creative boss fights to this and you get Death’s Door.

Exploring an artsy world as a cute crow is enough for me. Everything else is just a bonus, and a terrific one at that. This game is a short action adventure with a peculiar vibe that most gamers can enjoy be they fans of this genre or not. After all, Death’s Door got 100k players in just one week after its launch. It’s not an impossible task, but most indie titles don’t come close to this number of players in their lifetime.

It’s not a game you play for weeks on end. Death’s Door is a compact and bite-sized experience you enjoy for a couple of days and that’s it. Some say this isn’t a good thing, but I think we need shorter video game experiences. Death’s Door excellently keeps its story and gameplay short and sweet. A perfect title to pick up on your day off and just immerse yourself in its captivating world.

Have you played the game? If you did, what do you think of it?

Death's Door 100k
Image credit: Acid Nerve

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