Democracy 4 Has Just Been Announced

Ever wanted to run your own country? The Democracy games are perfect for that, and Democracy 4 has just been announced.

Democracy 4

Have you ever tried any of the Democracy games? They are actually pretty fun politics simulators that usually reflect the state of current political powers in the world. They are fun, complex in a lot of ways, and very engaging. The last game was Democracy 3, and it came almost five years ago. As we said, these games usually reflect the current political state of the world, and a lot has changed in the last five years.

Democracy 4

Now it’s time for Democracy 4 to shine. The Positech website states that work has already begun on the latest title in the series. This time Jeff Sheen is going to be the lead designer and lead programmer. He was the designer of Democracy 3: Africa. The creator of the series, Cliff Harris, is going to be the producer and he’s going to help with things such as testing and design.

All of the extra features that were introduced in Democracy 3: Africa are going to be brought over into Democracy 4. We can’t wait to see what new gameplay mechanics they’re going to introduce in the new game. Now we will have things like fake-news, social media, and other social phenomena to worry about in our political simulator.

Democracy 4

The game is getting released sometime in 2019, but no specific date was given. Democracy 4 will launch on the PC, OSX, and Linux.

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